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The stopwatch timer watch shows the elapsed time relative to the lost material through. It almost always comes a scale used to read the elapsed time better. This is either separately placed behind / next to the stopwatch timer or placed directly on the stopwatch timer. In addition, metal pins with weights or bells are put into the stopwatch timer. When the online stopwatch timer burns down to the pen, this drops down and produces a loud noise. Thus, the stopwatch timer will not be monitored continuously, and a specific time is not so easily overlooked.

The accuracy for an hourly stopwatch timer is about 5-10 minutes. The thicker the stopwatch timer is, the less accurate they can be read, as it burns slower. If a draft is available, it can also affect the burning rate. Temperature differences, however, have no significant effect on the burning rate.
The stopwatch timer watch had over other knives that time the advantage that they work well at night or in overcast conditions. A disadvantage was the cost factor and the only wax unique usability.

The earliest mention of a stopwatch timer watch can be found in the Life of King Alfred of England, who in the 9th Century in Europe used the stopwatch timer watch. His chronicler Bishop Asser narrated that he raised exactly 8 hours for his public duties, 8 hours for studying, eating and sleeping, and 8 hours for prayer. In order to keep its structured daily routine can, he needed 4 hours each day for 6 stopwatch timers burning time, which he kept in a lantern to optimize the uniformity of burning.

Hour stopwatch timers were used almost exclusively in the Middle Ages in the monasteries. This situation arises from the fact that monks were the first group of people because of the prayer times required a more precise timing than the then customary in society division into “blocks of days.” Beeswax was very expensive, among other reasons are many monasteries were doing out in beekeeping.
Hour stopwatch timer in the middle ages (interpretation)

After the stopwatch timer making is a “calibrator” need for time determination. In the monasteries, this was done by means of prayers and the singing of psalms. A special brother (“significator the Hours”) was responsible for determining the time at the monastery, he did this by singing some psalms. As soon as the first reference stopwatch timer was lit, started to be the time for a specified period (typically one hour, hence the name “Hour stopwatch timer”) abzubeten. Once it was finished, the one marked location on a fresh stopwatch timer, to which the reference stopwatch timer was burned. This procedure was repeated until the stopwatch timer was burned at an end. Subsequently transferred to the markings on the stopwatch timer to other stopwatch timers. Very likely templates were used to produce standardized stopwatch timers. In a manuscript of such dimensions stopwatch timer on the edge are noted.

The scale was applied either separately or on the stopwatch timer. The method of attachment of the bars on the stopwatch timer, it is unclear, however, is likely to have been melted by means of carbon black in the stopwatch timer surface, since this method is reliable and free of charge.